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Our Treatments


Thermo auricular therapy is a safe, natural alternative to ear syringing.  Used for sinusitis, chronic headaches, migraines, cold, flu and stress.  This calming and soothing treatment also includes a face massage.

A wonderful tranquil experience, enabling physical stimulation of the circulation and providing deep relaxation of the whole body.

A back, neck and shoulder treatment is the trifecta of massages that helps relax the entirety of your upper body.

Reiki is a gentle therapy that activates the body’s healing ability.  Experience a sense of relaxation and well being to regain harmony and balance.  De-stress and achieve mental and emotional calm.

A therapeutic massage of the feet, legs and hands, relieves stress and promotes relaxation for good health and well-being.

A relaxing Ayurvedic healing massage to include upper back, shoulders, scalp and face.  Total relaxation to ease aching muscles, alleviate stress and headaches.

Stimulation of the pressure points in the feet, which relate to different parts of the body, this relaxing treatment brings about complete body balance and relaxation.

HYDROTHERM is a very relaxing form of massage that differs from other types of massage in that it is carried out with the client lying face up on two cushions that are filled with warm water, heated to between 30-40 degrees.


This ensures the whole of the client’s back is in contact with the heat and is ideal for those who find lying face down uncomfortable.


The advantages of Hydrotherm Massage are numerous.  Quite apart from achieving new heights of relaxation during a comfortable, undisturbed treatment, consider the benefits to those clients who cannot physically lie face down – the elderly and those with impaired mobility, asthma etc. All can receive a Hydrotherm Treatment without the discomfort associated with a conventional massage.


HYDROTHERM is suitable for all stages of pregnancy especially the later stages, it is very calming, relaxing and comfortable


Manicure – £30.00

Nail reshape and polish – £20.00

Manicure with Gel polish – £35.00

Footlogix Pedicure – £35.00

Nail reshape and polish – £20.00

Pedicure with Minx – £40.00

Pedicure with Gel polish – £40.00

Callus Foot Peel cracked foot repair – £25.00


This is a Gel overlay, it goes over the natural nail, and helps protect and support your natural nail growth with no damage to your natural nail, it is applied as easy as nail varnish but is cured under a LED lamp and sets really hard and is immediately dry, it will last about 14 days and will stay a shiny, chip free resistant coating.

File and gel polish fingers or toes – £25.00

Finger and Toes together – £40.00

Soak off / buff and shine – £10.00

Soak off another salons / buff and shine – £15.00

Soak off another salons gel with new set applied – £30.00


Toes Nails and cuticles are trimmed and tidied then Genuine Swarovski Crystals are placed over the entire nails of each toe to produce a spectacular and beautiful statement.

Full Set – £40.00

Big toes and polish others – £25.00

Big toes and gel or Minx others – £30.00


Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that is infrared heat activated which makes it sit perfectly on the fingers and toes. Minx comes in a variety of colours and spectacular designs from pink cheetahs, silver snake skin, plain red, silver and gold to spider webs, union jacks and so many more with about 40 in stock you will find the perfect one for you.

Fingers or Toes – £25.00



A patch test is required 48h prior to treatment.

Full set of Classic – £65.00

Full set of Russian Lashes – £70.00

Half set – £35.00 (40 mins)

Party flicks – £25.00 (20 mins)

Infills – £25.00 (30 mins) – £35.00 (Up to 1 hour)

Full Set of Express Lashes – £40.00 (35 mins)

Lower Lashes – £15.00

Lash Removal – £20.00


A patch test is required 48h prior to this treatment.

Microblading is the most natural looking form of permanent makeup for your eyebrows.  A tailor made eyebrow is created to suit each and everyone’s desired look.  This can be blended with your original brows to add length or definition or create brows from nothing at all. Microblading can last between 3 and 18 months depending on lots of factors like skin types, age and profession.


This treatment is carried out over three appointments, the first is a consultation and patch test to make sure this treatment is suitable for you.  The second is a 2 hour appointment in which a full brow is applied with the chosen colour and blades.


The third is between 4 and 8 weeks later and is 1 hour in this appointment any alterations with colour and thickness can be made.

Eyebrow Top Up Within 6 Months – £50.00

Eyebrow Top Up Within 12 Months – £100.00



Sienna X gives an instant, sun kissed tan which develops into a deep, long lasting sunless tan over 8 hours. Sienna X spray tan is available in 6 shades to guarantee the most natural looking, flawless tan for any skin type, with anti-ageing and gorgeous moisturising properties to ensure that you get the most from your sunless spray tan. Sienna X spray tanning solutions are packed full of luscious, natural, organic ingredients to condition, tone and care for your skin and are alcohol and paraben free.

Half Body, Upper or Lower – £15.00

Full Body – £20.00


Half Leg – £18.00

3/4 Leg – £20.00

Full Leg – £25.00

Full Leg & Bikini – £30.00

Full Leg, Bikini, Underarm and Eyebrow- £40.00

Bikini Line – £15.00

High Bikini Line – £18.00

Brazilian – £20.00

Hollywood – £25.00

Under Arms – £10.00

Half arm – £15.00

Full arm – £18.00

Eyebrow tidy up – £8.00

Eyebrow Re-shape – £10.00

Lip or Chin – £7.00

Lip & Chin – £10.00

Nape of Neck – £10.00

Chest – £20.00

Back – £20.00

Mens groin, scrotum and buttocks – £30.00

Nose wax – £5.00

Ear wax – £5.00


Eyebrow Re-shape – £8.00

Eyebrow Tidy up – £6.00

Lip or Chin – £6.00

Lip and Chin – £9.00

Side of Face – £10.00

Half Face – £14.00

Full Face – £18.00


All tinting and lifting treatments require a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment.

Eyelash Tint – £12.00 (20 mins)

Eyebrow Tint – £7.00 (15 mins)

Eyelash and Brow Tint – £16.00 (25 mins)

Eyebrow Tint and Tidy – £10.00 (30 mins)

Eyelash Lift – £25.00 (1 hour)

Eyelash Lift and tint – £30.00 (1 hour)

Henna Brows – £20.00 (30 mins)

Brow Lamination – £20.00 (30 mins)

Brow Lamination and Tint – £25.00 (45 mins)

Eyelash Lift and tint and Brow lamination and tint – £40.00 (1h 30mins)


Nimue Skin Technology is a premium leading derma-cosmeceutical brand which was designed primarily for pre and post-operative care for medical patients, as well as for use by advanced professional skin therapists to deliver advanced rejuvenation to the skin. The brand is known and loved for its use of cutting edge technology and hi-tec fusion of complex acids, naturally-derived antioxidants, phytoceuticals and peptides. It is focused on four primary results: rejuvenation, restoration, anti-oxidation and sun protection for optimal skin health. Nimue Skin Technology delivers optimum ingredients to the intended cells within the skin without the need for machinery in a safer, more controlled way. This is a prescription only brand and best results come from combined use of professional treatments and home care products.

A 4 in 1 facial designed to give you maximum results in a flash!  The mask uses a foaming agent to deep cleanse, charcoal to detoxify, a warming agent to increase blood flow and oxygen and finally enzymes and AHAs to exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells leaving a glowing complexion.  No Nimue Home Care Products are needed prior to treatment. 

A result orientated relaxing treatment customised to your specific skin requirements with all the essentials including double cleansing, exfoliating enzyme, masks with a décolletage massage.  It is designed to treat all skin types and conditions

This treatment is suitable for anyone wanting to make significant changes to their skin, with long lasting results! Using a unique combination of 3 AHA’s, your skin really will change for the better! This facial treatment is an advanced technology, using a strong and effective combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, whilst being gentle on the skin. Great to reduce the signs of ageing, reducing pore size, breaking down pigmentation and to fade acne scarring, whilst increasing elasticity, radiance and vitality, hydrating and strengthening the skin. Nimue Home Care Products are a must prior to this treatment.


Here at The Banks Beauty we have a lovely relaxing treatment room used by other therapists.  You can book directly with them or via The Banks Beauty


Richenda 07971 190937 is a massage therapist and does the most amazing hot stone treatment as well as deep tissue, relaxing massage as well as pregnancy massage.


Mainly available in the day time


Rachel 07725 526539 is a sports massage therapist and will soon be adding Indian Head massage, pregnancy & baby massage. Rachel is mainly available in the evenings and weekends


Relaxation massage 60mins full body £45

Back, Neck and shoulder 40mins £35

Sports massage 60mins full body £45

Back, Neck and Shoulder 40mins £35

Legs 20mins £25



Julia 01664 668749 is a mole and skin tag removal specialist, some of the treatments she offers:


Skin tags, Benign moles, spider naevi

Cherry spots/Cherry angioma/Campbell de Morgan spots

Sun damage/ age spots/liver spots/solar lentigines

Planter warts, Sebhorroeic keratosis

Facial thread viens, Milia

Hair removal from moles, Papules lumps and bumps


Before commencing any sort of treatment, an initial analysis and diagnosis of your needs will be offered.  Free consultation are offered, and the price of treatment is £50 for 15 minutes.  For more information visit Julia’s website


Natalie King Aesthetics 07506 553552

Natalie offers:

Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers, Anti wrinkle injections and more

Please give her a call to find out more, book an appointment or for a free consultation


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